Amazing keepsake rings!

13129“Working with Dan was amazing!… I originally chose him because of the level of enthusiasm that he expressed around the design of my engagement commitment rings. The whole process in getting the rings were a surprise from my partner for four months. In working with Dan, I appreciated him prompt replies to anything I needed. I also quite enjoyed the communications back and forth to see the vision I had for the rings get actualized. The presentation of the final product was above what I imagined, Dan had his attention on the details around the final packaged product and receiving the rings was all that much more exciting! Thank you Dan for making a big difference with creating our amazing keepsake rings.”

Julie wanted to make a pair of commitment rings based on a design which holds personal meaning to the both of them. I loved the design, as well as the challenges that presented themselves while making the rings. Items with such a deep, personal meaning to them are what I really love making.

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Excellent craftsmanship, quality materials, and a great ring.

“Dan made a ring that has very deep meaning to me. He kept in contact throughout the process and the finished product is gorgeous. Definitely would use again. Excellent craftsmanship, quality materials, and a great ring. Thanks so much for creating this for me!”

Angie wanted me to make a rather bittersweet ring. Two pear shaped onyx stones, set side by side, to look like a broken heart. She calls this her widow’s ring. I panicked a little, because I was a late in getting it finished and shipped out to her, but she received it on what would have been her wedding anniversary, which worked out to some pretty touching timing.

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Working with Dan was great.

“Working with Dan was great. I had him make a necklace from my grandmother’s wedding ring. He did a great job, was great at explaining options, and was very quick. This was my first time using [ this site ], and it was great.”

Lori sent me her grandmothers wedding ring. She wanted me to melt it down and use the gold and diamond to make a pendant for her to wear at her own wedding. Some fire, some pounding, and a little bit of bling resulted in a very beautiful pendant!

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Dan is definitely one of the best out there

“Dan was able to recreate a very challenging design for me from an idea that stemmed out of a logo. He made it exactly as I pictured it and the pendant is just absolutely breathtaking! I love wearing it, and it’s something I can hold onto for a very long time and enjoy. Dan is definitely one of the best out there. I highly recommend him.”


Jessica asked me to recreate the Neverland logo in sterling silver, as a pendant. We decided on a size and I got to work. We went back and forth a few times about some of the detailing, which we were both in agreement upon, and ended up with a pendant that is exactly what she was looking for.

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Honesty and Integrity with Outstanding Craftsmanship

“I have hired Dan to make some custom jewelry for me. After the excellent work he provided I asked him to design and make rings for all the women in my family as a Christmas gift. I did not give him much time as the idea came to me a little late in the year but he not only exceeded my expectation on the design he also collected the addresses and shipped out all the rings to my family members. He made elegant custom packaging with decorative bags inside the boxes. He sent me photos of his design for my approval and he was very fast but the finished product was beautiful. Dan has a high set of standards and a very creative and artistic mind. He is loyal and dependable. I would highly recommend him to take on any task with outstanding results. Honesty and integrity with outstanding craftsmanship, he has it all.” -September, 2011

Tammy hired me to make a set of rings for all of the women in her family. The rings were sterling silver with freshwater pearls. This presented a challenge to me, as I did not, at the time, have any idea how to set a pearl in a ring. I combined my metalsmithing skills with some basic wire-wrapping to create a truly unique ring that everyone was happy with.

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